Bed sheets, comforters, drapes and towels for donation


Cleaning out the clutter will not only give you more space in your home, it will also give you more space in your life. Extra bed sheets, comforters, drapes and towels can overfill your linen closet and leave zero room for new items. Before you just bag up the bedding and haul it off to the dump, consider donating to a homeless shelter, pet rescue, or thrift store. Ask to recycle bin clothing for details.
Donating to a Homeless Shelter
In almost every city in America there are homeless shelters that provide men and women who are down on their luck with some basic necessities. Some of these shelters will even come and pick up your old bed sheets, comforters, drapes and towels for donation. People living in colder climates need these items to stay alive. Not only will you be providing someone with a warm blanket, you will also give them back some dignity. It only takes a few minutes to box these items up and give them a new home.

Pet Rescues Need Linens
If your town does not have a homeless shelter, consider donating to a local pet rescue. Puppies, kittens and even older animals feel more at home if they can snuggle up to a clean bed sheet or towel. Often these animals spend most of their time in a wire cage and a soft bed provides a comfortable place to wait for a human owner to adopt. If your bed sheets, comforters, drapes and towels have seen better days, donation to a pet shelter is the perfect answer.

Thrift Stores Accept New and Gently Used Linens
Millions of people shop at thrift stores every day. Instead of spending hard earned money on brand new items, families are looking for gently used bed sheets and comforters at their local thrift store. People can also find a huge variety of drapes for a new home that people have donated when they changed their decor. There is no better way to clear out the clutter in your home than to donate your towels, drapes, comforters and bed sheets to a worthy cause.


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