Choosing the Perfect Room Color for Your Kids


Some people choose to select whatever color their child decides upon regardless of how well it coordinates with the rest of the house and ask for experts from Toronto painters. Choosing the perfect color for your child or children is a very personal decision and best made between you and your kids.

Your child’s room should be very personal and a reflection of their personality and style. Some parents decide to keep the rooms along the same color pattern as the rest of the house and add personal touches in other ways.

Some factors to consider is the age of the child. If you are designing colors for a nursery, consider soft pastel colors that are not harsh on the eyes. Gender of course is worth considering. Generally speaking, young men will not want pink, or light purple rooms and ask for tips here.. Young ladies will tend to shy away from very dark colors. That isn’t to say that a young man can’t use a softer color like a touch of pink or light purple as an accent color, but as the main focal point of the room, most young men would want to avoid this color.

The personal taste and preference for your child should go a long way. Consider that certain colors may spark more creativity than others. Consider brighter colors to spark creativity and keep a positive energy. When children are younger, bright colors that are different than other rooms of the house will help them identify their own personal unique space. It’s important for children to have a space that they consider to be their own. As children move into adolescence, the need for their space to look a bit more adult becomes more important. This is when you may want to consider blending the room with the color palette of the rest of the house, or bedrooms.

Older children and teenagers will still want their room to be unique to their own personal taste. Giving them input and several choices will allow them to have some investment into their own space. Regardless however of the age of the child or their gender, keeping children in the loop is an important consideration. Letting them have some type of choice or input from an early age is a healthy way to give them freedom in their own space.


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