The Benefits of Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry


Comprehensive cosmetic dentistry is an all-inclusive form of cosmetic dental care that is now being offered by many cosmetic dentists. This type of services provides a wide range of both non-surgical and surgical treatments that help improve the look and condition of a patient’s teeth.
This can include simple, same-day services such as dental implants, bonding, dental whitening, and temporary crowns. A comprehensive cosmetic dental center may also offer more complex services such as bone grafting, scaling and root planing, sinus lift operation, and root canal therapy just to name a few.

Who Can Benefit from this form of Dentistry?

Anyone that is interested in improving the look of their smile can benefit from these services. Correcting dental problems such as cracked or chipped teeth, enamel yellowing, or unwanted gaps in between teeth can improve a person’s confidence level and allow them to feel more comfortable about their appearance. Many people choose to have cosmetic dental procedures performed prior to an important event such as a wedding, job interview, or class reunion.

What are the Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

With so many advancements in dentistry it is easy to see why so many people are interested in improving their smiles with cosmetic dentistry procedures. Today it is easier than ever before to get high quality dental enhancement services in just one visit. Now more patients can receive the dental care that they need in a shorter amount of time. Some of the most common dental procedures that are offered by most cosmetic dentistry facilities include:

• Teeth Whitening
• Fillings
• Dentures
• Dental Implants
• Orthodontics
• Tooth Bonding
• Porcelain Veneers, Crowns and Bridges
• Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Strictly Cosmetic?

Cosmetic dentistry may focus on the esthetic appearance of a patient, but it can also have restorative benefits as well. Composite fillings, new crowns, or bridges can help to replaced decayed or missing teeth in order to restore the much needed function of the individual’s teeth. And most cosmetic dentistry locations will also offer general dental services so that patients can take care of all their oral health needs in one location.

Cosmetic dentistry can be extremely beneficial and can help to correct many unsightly dental issues. A comprehensive cosmetic dental facility can provide patients with a wide range of options that can improve their image and their health at the same time.


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